July 1, 2012

Happy 4th Flag Banner Freebie

If you are like me you have a TON of BBQ’s not just this weekend, but all week. . . and into next weekend AND if you are like me you have waited until the last minute to start figuring things out.
WELL here are two really simple freebies that will and some serious cuteness to your festivities.

Happy 4th Flag Banner

I have to say these were not easy pictures to take. . .up against a window with all that light coming through and messing things up.

Fourth of July Flag Banner - 2 copy

Fourth of July Flag Banner copy

Fourth of July Flag Banner - 1

This banner couldn’t be any easier to make, just print it out, cut out the flags, use a whole punch to punch a hole in each side of the top corners, string a ribbon through the holes, and hang. (For those of you in Ut. I bought a think of red satin ribbon at Taipain, I figure you can't go wrong with red ribbon since I can use it all through Christmas). 

Of course you can go crazy and add scrapbook paper and what not, but really this one is made to sweet, simple and darling.

To download the banner click on the link below to go to a folder with each of the letters. http://www.4shared.com/folder/QUh5Zjey/Fourth_of_July_Flag_Banner.html
H for Happy Fourth Flag Banner
  Best part it matches both the Seeing Stars Subway Art Plauqe.
Star Subway Art Plaque

and the Land of the Free Plaque
USA with Star

USA Cupcake Toppers

Fourth of July Cupcake Toppers

Yep I totally bought the cupcakes at Smith’s and I intended to take this really cute picture with all of these cupcakes arranged in this perfect formation, but they were too yummy and Ellie and I ate most of them, (we didn’t even share with the boys!).


The toppers were designed to match our USA Bead Board Block.

USA Bead Board Block

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  1. the download is not working for me? Anyone else having this problem?