May 3, 2013

One More Sidewalk Sale Announcement – Personal items also for sale

I am not sure if all of this Sidewalk Sale propaganda is getting you excited about this awesome once a year sale, or if you are starting to feel like, okay we get it your having a sale!  Hopefully it is the first option.  BUT even at the risk of going over board we wanted to let you know that besides just the great sales (I will post a reminder of all the sales later tonight), AND all the cheap and awesome clearance items, Kim and I have also spent some time cleaning out our own homes and will have some fun little treats and treasures for sale.

Below are a few of the more impressive items.  I am totally willing to ship these items as well if anyone wants to email me at before the sale to claim them.

Pottery Barn Kids Bradly Twin: Set of two quilts and two shams - $95.00.  Set of 1 Sham and 1 Quilt - $55.00

There is a very small bleach spot on the corner of one of the blankets, but honestly I had to search for forever to even find it again.  They have also faded a tiny bit from washing, but not even enough that you would notice.  Other than that they are in absolute perfect condition.  I also have the matching shams for both.  I am willing to sell the blankets separately, but I would like to keep the blanket and there matching shames together as a set.


Baby Girl Tidliwinks Nursery Set {From Target} – Everything seen below for $75.00
Second item up for sell is pretty much Ellie’s entire nursery.  Selling this is breaking my heart.  It’s like admitting to myself that I am not going to have any more kids.  I can always buy more bedding if I decide to have one more {and my some miracle it is another gilt) right?  It’s not like getting my tubes tied or having my husband snipped.  It’s just bedding. that’s what I keep telling myself.

Included in the set is:
  • a crib bumper,
  • a crib sized quilt, a crib skirt,
  • a Pottery Barn Kids butterfly pillow,
  • two window curtains panels, and
  • two smaller curtains that I hand sewed and used to cover the opening on my changing table.  I am pretty much throwing this in for free. 
  • 1 Pink chamois changing pad cover. 
Everything came from Target.  The bumper pad, quilt and are part of the Tidliwinks Cottage Collection that is still available online, so you shouldn’t have a hard time finding matching crib sheets. 


Everything is in pretty much brand new condition.  With the exception of the Pottery Barn Kids Pillow, it has lost a little bit of it’s shape. There are no tears, no stains and no fading.

Pottery Barn Kids Crystal Flower Chandelier with Four Pottery Barn Kids Gingham Lamp Shades - $115.00

This is in perfect condition.  I even have a box of extra flower crystal in case one breaks.

In addition I also have some random decorations including a ton of boys beach room accessories, some Pottery Barn Kids prints and some Pottery Barn bedding.  AND THAT’S JUST my stuff.  Who knows what Kim will have for you.

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