May 27, 2013

Monday Madness – Chalk Board Plaques

Happy Memorial Day!
If you keep up with trends and read blogs then you’ve seen Chalkboard prints…they are everywhere.  I have to admit I am kind of infatuated with them.  I love the throw back to antique signs and marketing designs that are usually mixed in with newer fonts and elements.  Plus they are super fun to design. 
We are excited to introduce a new project….a line of chalkboard prints.  The prints can be purchased on their own, or as a kit.  The kits include a plaque of wood to mount the print on, as well as step by step instructions.  When I made mine I added some Texturizing Cream to the top layer. 

Scatter Sunshine Chalk Board Plaque


The best part about this project though is that we will also be offering the prints as free printables. The Spring Chalk Board printable is already online ready to go.  If you looking for fast (and still pretty dang affordable} the Spring Chalk Board plaque kit can also be purchase online for only $7.95.


You can than use these prints anyway you would like OR you can purchase the plaque wood separately for a super cheap DIY project.  For all of you LDS ladies trying to come up with inexpensive craft ideas for Super Saturdays and other activities, this is golden. With two plaques ready for purchase and more on their way you can let people choose from a wide variety…which ladies always love.

Oh just one more hint, you could also make it double sided by purchasing a couple of additional prints…maybe America the Beautiful on one side and Scatter Sunshine on the other.

For this weeks deal spend $20.00 or more and we will include the Scatter Sunshine Plaque for FREE!


To purchase the plaque you will need to add $20.00 worth of merchandise to your shopping cart, than add the Scatter Sunshine Plaque.  Use coupon code SCATTER SUNSHINE and the price of the plaque will be deducted from your total.


We have ten plaques available in the store and ten available online.

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