April 1, 2013

Monday Madness – Home Accent Vinyl Decal – ON SALE for 60% off.

I am pretty sure I have mentioned this before, but just incase, I LOVE vanilla coke…oh wait sorry we are talking about vinyl.  I love designing vinyl.  I also love decorating with vinyl.  It is such an inexpensive way to add personal touches to your home.  The only trick is to not go over board…you don’t want your walls to look like a book threw up on them.  A saying here or there though can really add to any room. 


The vinyl in the picture above was first designed as an option to personalize one of our Dry Erase Calendars (part of the Organize It collection).  Below are a few of the other options we have available.



I added this excellent piece of advice to my wall after spending a week with my kids during Spring Break.  I don’t know about your Spring Break, but at my house the children acted like they needed some serious lessons on how to show a little more love.  Especially these two.  

2012 - Dec Temple Square

They may look sweet as honey…but don’t be fooled me they are little monsters in disguise.
I enlarged the saying and hung it over the mirror in my kitchen, were it is nice and prominent and I can make them read it at loud to me as many times a day as needed….which trust me was frequently this last week. 


I am not sure how much it is really helping them, but at least it looks really cute.
This weeks Mon. morning madness deal 60% of the large version of the LOVE IS ALWAYS THE ANSWER vinyl. {Familes are Forever and To Everything there is a Season are not on sale, but are still available for purchase in the larger for your wall version!)

Love is Always - with Copy Right Logo

Reg. $14.95, with coupon code the price is only $5.98.
There are only ten available in store and ten available online, so if you want one..hop to it!


Available in store and online.  Limit one per person. 


  1. I love that wreath! Where is it from?

  2. Gina,
    I bought it at Taipan in Utah a couple of years ago.