March 28, 2013

Guest Post - Decorate With Vinyl - Tricycle Makeover

Hi! I'm Rachel from R&R Workshop.  I'm excited to be guest posting on Poppy Seed Projects today! 
They have been super easy to work with and so friendly.

Vinyl is so in-expensive and an easy way to add a fun design without being permanent. You can literally put it anywhere! On your walls, doors, furniture, cars, you name it. I thought it would be fun to add some white polka dots to my daughter's red tricycle!

I wasn't really sure how big I wanted the polka dots so I ordered the Vinyl Polka Dots in a 16-inch square. They shipped so fast! I ended wanting my polka dots a bit smaller so I just drew a circle on to the existing polka dots. I loved that about this project.. I was able to make them any size I needed!

You will need:
//ribbon (optional)

 1. First I laid out my vinyl and traced smaller circles.

2. Peel off vinyl and place on tricycle. This was a my first time ever working with vinyl and it was so easy to put them on! 

3. Add any embellishments you want. I think a pink bow added just the right amount of cuteness :)

My little girl loved it! What do you think? :)

Thank you for checking out my cute tricycle makeover! I would love for you to follow R&R Workshop on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

Poppy Seed carries a wide variety of vinyl patterns for you to use on any craft project!  PLUS we will be adding more daily.  Check them out at


  1. OMG--so, so cute: both your daughter and the polka-dot tricycle. I'm just getting into using vinyl. Thanks for the inspiration. Going over to your blog now.