December 10, 2012

Monday Morning Madness – Greg Olsen Plaques.

Be honest now how many of you are done with your Christmas shopping?  Seriously I mean every little last bit, teacher gifts, presents for you siblings, something for your important friends?  Well if you are like me and still have a few people to check of your list we would like to make a suggestion.

Christmas really is a celebration of Christ so this morning we wanted to share one of our most popular religious craft projects, (hoping it might help you check a few people off of your to do list) our Greg Olsen plaques.  This particular project is one of the very few projects that is offered both as a craft kit as well as a class project.

We currently offer 5 different prints.

Greg Olsen Light of the World
Plaque 1: Light of the World - 10.5x11.5, $12.50

Greg Olson Pic - Angel copy

Plaque 2: The Messenger – 10.5 x11.5, $12.50

Greg Olsen precious in his sight
Plaque Three: Precious in His Sight – 10.5x11.5, $12:50

Greg Olsen walk with me
Plaque 4: Walk With Me – 10.5” 7.5, $9.95

I Feel My Saviors Love copy
Plaque 5: I feel My Saviors Love – 10.5x11.5, $12.50

This week we are introducing a new plaque. . . .
Plaque 6: A Light to the Gentiles – 10.5” x 8”. $10.95 {SALE PRICE $6.57}

We would love to help invite the spirit of Christmas into your home by offering the new Light Unto the Gentile’s plaque at 40% off it’s regular price! {Use coupon code GREGOLSENCMAS, 20 codes available}, along with a 15% off coupon for our other plaques {Use coupon code GREGOLSEN}, code will run through Sat. or until we run out of plaques, which ever come first. 

Here’s the fine print, 1- 40% off coupon per person please.  Limit of 5 plaques per person with 15% off coupon.  Available in store and online, can not be combined with any other offer.  Oh and we have one little tricky part, courtesy of our website.  The website will not let you combine the two coupons, so please pick between the two offers. Both coupon codes are for craft kits only, not for class projects.

To make our Greg Olson Plaques in addition to the kit you will also need some Print Mounting Glue {$8.95}. 
  Print Mounting Glue 4x6
We also highly recommend that you cover the print with our Texturixing Cream {$10.95}, to help give it a canvas look and to cover the print a protective coating. 
Photo Texture Cream 4x6


  1. These are just beautiful! Perfect Christmas gifts.

  2. I can't wait to start following your blog!! I came from girl love Glam!

  3. What a fantastic idea! I am so not done..almost, but not quite.
    I am loving all of your fun ideas & versatility that your company offers!

    Visiting from Girl loves Glam


  4. Love your blog. I especially love the video tutorials you posted on YouTube. Thank you for taking the time to do that. I especially love the guest blogger that shared her tutorial on the pallet frame. I also li ve your framed calendar tutorial. Will definitely have to try that.