November 12, 2012

Monday Morning Madness, Neighbor Gifts

Ready or not the Holidays are upon us.  One of the things that makes the time of year so memorable are the traditions that we repeat year after year.  I know many of you may not agree with me, but one of my favorite traditions is the giving of neighbor gifts.  Who’s with me? You might wonder why I am such a big fan of this tradition.  A couple of reason really. I have fond memories of baking Christmas banana bread (banana bread with chocolate chips and Marciano cherries) with my Mom and making candies with my Day for our neighbors.  I also love seeing what people come up with.  I love the cheesy sayings tied to the dollar store presents just as much as I love the plates full of goodies.  But most of all I love the idea behind a small token of thoughtfulness and the “hey we are friends even if we only talk twice a month because we have too many kids and our lives are crazy” that the neighbor gift represents.

The tricky part about the neighbor gift though is coming up with a cute, creative and inexpensive idea that people will enjoy.  Well that is where we can help!

Some of you may have seen Nikkala from The Crafting Chicks’s cute idea using the mini frames.  Well our collection of neighbor gift possibilities doesn't end there.  Here are Ten of our favorite inexpensive and easy to make craft projects that are perfect for neighbor gifts.  (wondering which one’s Kim and I have actually used . . .I starred them) 

10. Fridge Magnets (sold in sets of three) **
9. 4x6 Eleanor frame with BELIEVE print (the print is reversible with a Valentine print on the back)**


8. Merry Days and Silent Nights Bead Board Block


7. Treat Holder with Merry Christmas print.  Okay now truth be told, I have made a few of these and I have to say I am not sure I would advise making them for your whole neighborhood.  BUT they do make GREAT present’s for people that deserve a little extra love, like your the ladies you visit teach or you r kids teachers. 


6. Santa Define Good Block Set


5.  Photo Ornament.  You might be wondering why your neighbors would want a picture of your kids.  Well let’s be honest, not matter how cute your kids are, they don;t.  BUT this projects can be a great neighbor gift when you replace the picture of your children with a picture of the savior.  The smaller pictures of Christ sold at the LDS distribution center (you do have to crop the picture to make it into square). WITH pictures of your kids this project makes a great gift for grandparents and great grandparents.


4. Polka Dot Box** Okay so technically this one isn’t really a craft projects. But we started carrying these boxes last year because they are dang cute AND super easy to make into neighbor gifts. Simply make an easy treat, like popcorn and fill the box and viola you have fulfilled the cute, easy and likable requirements for a neighbor gift.


3. Elf Dust/Reindeer Treats**  Kids LOVE this projects. Elf Dust consists of cinnamon and sugar, reindeer treats can be just about anything, but we love to use red and green M&M’s


2. Merry Christmas and King is Born Block. **
A King is Born Block 4x6Merry Christmas Block 4x6
1. Christmas Mini Signs
  christmas-mini-signMini Signs 
At this point you are probably saying to yourself, okay Holly that’s nice, BUT WHERE’S THE DEAL!!  Well thank you for your patience . . .here it is. For the rest of the week you can use the coupon code NEIGHBORGIFTS to purchase and of the above neighbor gifts in packs 10 AT 40% OFF (one set of 10 neighbor gifts per person please).
FINE PRINT – Limit of 1 set of 10 neighbor gifts per person.  Until supplies lat (no rain checks so don’t sit on this one!). 
We would also LOVE to hear form you, what neighbors gifts have you given in the past?  What is the BEST neighbor gift you have ever received?