November 5, 2012

Guest Post - Neighbor Gift Printable


 Hi, I'm Nikkala one of the Crafting Chicks and I'm excited to be guesting on Poppy Seed Projects today! This project takes 2 of my favorite things and combines them into a little gift that would be great to give neighbors or friends for Christmas.


First thing that I love? Poppy Seeds miniature frames! You know how small things are adorable? Well, it's the same with these frames! I think they are so fun painted a bright color and left empty on a wall. In fact (don't tell Kim or Holly) I think the mini's are my absolute favorite of all their frames. I used the Miniature Eleanor Frames, sanded and painted a metallic red. Because the frame is so small I decided to keep it pretty simple and just a solid color.


 And the other thing I'm loving right now is chalkboard art! So I created this little bitty sign to go inside the frame. You can download them here. They come 4 to a page and are sized 4" x 3" to fit perfectly.

You could use regular tape to hold it all together, but why?! I used red polka dot washi tape on the back. It adds a fun little surprise!


 This is one of my favorite Christmas songs, but being election day and all, I guess it's fitting for today too! Don't forget to vote! :)

Great post, Nikkala! We {heart} the crafting chicks and all their fun ideas, and that is a DARLING little printout.  Only seven weeks until Christmas so I had better get my be-hind into start on some neighbor gifts...thanks for the reminder!

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  1. Awesome!! Thanks for the printable download too...I've gotta get busy!