October 20, 2012

October Show and Tell

Show and Tell posts are always my favorite. This month I had TONS of pictures sent in.  LOVED THEM ALL!!   It is always rewarding to see people create something cute from one of our craft projects.  Here are a few of my favorite (emphasis on a few, there were too many to include them all)

Let's start off with some cute Halloween projects. Seriously could these ladies have used cuter paper for these Witch Layered Plaques?  Doesn’t get better than damask and polka dots. . .
 Ciege Adams
{Submitted by Ceige Adams)

Seriously the tree and birds on this paper could not be better accents for  the vinyl from the project.

Heather Oswad - Edited
(Submitted by Heather Oswald}

So fun seeing Preston’s nursery gallery done up all girlie. . . how cute is the addition of that red crown. 

Valerie Clement - Edited 
{submitted by Valarie Clement}

This is a custom nursery plaque Antiqued Plaque that I designed for Kelsie. You better believe we will be adding this to the store and online.

Kelsie Fenton - edited
{Submitted by Kelsie Fenton}

I did not come up with this hounds tooth stencil, but you better believe I will be creating one.  I just about died when I saw this picture of our Eleanor Frame.

Kristin Butler 
This last photo was submitted by our Teacher Denise Brooksby.  We get asked all the time if we are ever going to offer a picture of Christ to compliment our Temple Pictures.  Trust me we are trying (if anyone know of any is or personally knows a fabulous artists that would be interested in working with us we would love to take a look at their work).  In the meantime I love how Denise’s project turned out.  She simply used the matte from the Family Portrait Class Project as well as the Damask vinyl corners.  Thanks Denise for sharing.  This one of my personal favorite pictures of the Savior.

Denise Brooksby

Thanks again to everyone who submitted photos!  I will of course be emailing everyone featured in this months Show and Tell and $10.00 gift card.  Want your own gift card?  Make a project, take a picture and send me an email at orders@poppyseedprojects.com

Don't forget to come back Mon. morning at 9:00 for this weeks Monday Morning Madness (when we post our weekly specials, and unbelievable deals).

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