August 10, 2012

VT Summer Freebie - And a LONG Awaited Winner!

I don't know about you guys, but VTing in the summer is never the easiest.  Between family vacations, swim lessons, girls camp, family reunions and everything else people have going on it is double hard to catch people at home.  I have one lady that I have taught for awhile now who does horse shows ALL over the nation and even into Canada, you can only imagine how hard she is to catch at home!  I was trying to think of something meaningful that I could do for her, and this is what I came up with.  Sort of cheesy (:

Once I had the tag printed I added a personal note to the back, and stuck it on a little tote that I got at the dollar store filled with some of our families favorite road trip snacks.

I did create one of the "Feed My Sheep" with out the wording underneath, but my computer crashed before I had a chance to upload it.  hopefully someday I will get all my files transferred over to the new computer and than I will post it.

OH and NOW FOR A WINNER.  I can't believe I completely spaced posting the winner of last weeks giveaway.  CONGRATS to CAROLINE G.  Caroline if you well email me at the email address we will make arrangements for you to receive your $30.00 GC to Poppy Seed.

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