July 11, 2012

SNAP Show and Tell

You may have read various mentions of Snap in the blogging world, and I bet some of you are wondering, what the crap is Snap?  Well it is a blogging conference that is specifically for “Creative Bloggers”,  ie craft and DYI blog sites. 

We where excited to be asked to teach a hands on craft class.  Our only instructions where to do something innovative and new, a  tricky task when you are teaching a class to some of the leading crafters in the bloging world, they are not only in tune with the trends, they usually set them (:

We decided to teach a class using the texturizing cream as a medium to create an antiqued look like we do on our Subway Art Plaques.  Our goal for the class was for everyone to go away, not with some dinky project, but an AWSOME finished project they could take home and hang on their walls.
To accomplish this Kim and I spent a couple of weeks designing several different projects, here is what made the final cut

Three new Subway Art Plaques.

Hello Sunshine PlaqueOwl Plaque
Spring is in the Air Subway

The Eleanor and Brayden frames with our new trim pieces.  Here’s a few examples.

Yellow Scallop Frame
Frame 2Frame 4

Two new shaped signs
Bloom Where you are PlantedHeart of our Home Board

and one of my all time favorite projects, the personalized bird sign, {to learn more about bird sign click here).
WE were thrilled with how the class turned out.  We had over 90 ladies attend. . . the room was so crowded people were crafting on the floor AND standing outside in the doorway so they could listen even though there wasn’t room to craft (that was cool to see).

photo 3

photo 2

Thanks to Nikala from the Crafting Chicks for the pictures above, and a shout out to Vivienne from TheVspotBlog.com for the pics below.



After the class we heard over and over and over again how nice it was to take a break and do a hands on craft! It was immensely rewarding to hear that, especially coming from such a talented group of ladies.

It was fun to teach and AMAZING to see what all those creative ladies came up with.  Here are some of the pics ladies send us.

Vivienee from the www.thevspotblog.com
Hello Sunshine, Ombre

Nat from http://www.sisterssuitcaseblog.com/
my sister suitcase

Steph from Crafting in the Rain
poppy seed project frame

Jamie from www.thecraftingchicks.com
poppyseed 9


  1. How do I have no recollection of taking that photo? :)

  2. Love seeing all these projects!! That was definitely one of my favorite classes at SNAP :) Thanks for sharing our Spring is in the Air sign!

  3. oooh! love this!