May 1, 2012

Spring Show and Tell

Over the last couple of weeks I have been sent some REALLY cute show and tell pictures.  Here are a few of my favorites.
Our very own Carey Baschuk (she teaches classes and works at the store) sent me this cute picture of the Easter sign she made.

Stacey Hoseman sent me this cute picture of her finished Eleanor frame (LOVE the horizontal stripes)
poppyseed frame2
Trisha Andersen crafted with her friends and made our Spring Block and Easter Plaque.  They turned out darling!  Loving the turquoise color.
Last of all, my own little project.  A couple of years back I made our Count Down Blocks, Disney style.  I used the blocks to tell them we where going to Disney World and now each time we plan a trip to Disney Land or Disney World they get to pull them out.  They have LOVED them.  I think the anticipation is half the fun.
Thanks to each of these ladies for submitting their pictures.  To say thanks you each get a $10.00 gift card to Poppy Seed! 
WANT YOUR OWN GIFT CARD??!! Send in your pictures of finished Poppy Seed Projects and you could be featured in our next show and tell AND win a gift card!


  1. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the disney countdown. We bought annual passes last year and since then we can't get enough of disneyland. I HAVE to make me one of these.

  2. how did trisha do the stripes on the frame? i LOVE that! it looks like the same color of paint - maybe it's just the picture. any tips?

  3. oops, that should be stacey instead of trisha...

  4. Sorry that I am just answering this Ileana, there are a couple of ways to do the stripes. Here's a link to a great tutorail by Becky from the Crafting Chicks.