May 28, 2012

A Project with a Personal Touch–Bird Family Sign

Projects are NOT like children.  I do not love them all equally.  As a matter of fact there are some that I down right loath, BUT there are some that I just LOVE. . . like the new Bloom Where You Are Planted Sign.
Bloom Where you are Planted

But, this new Bird Family Sign has a particularly soft spot in my heart.Bird Board -2
This is actually one of the projects we offered at the class we taught at the Snap Conference. My friend Jamie from the Crafting Chicks made one and sent me this cute pic of her board on display at her house.  
Jamies's Bird Sign

This project is significant because it is the first project to be offered by Poppy Seed that was not designed by either Kim or I. Our dear friend Krystal Rowley did all the design work. (Here’s a cute picture with her and her fam., to bad she’s not looking straight at the camera, she gorgeous!).
Let me back up a little though and give you some history.  I first saw this sign hanging in Krystal’s house. I LOVED it and begged her to make me on for my own home. 
She did, but she added a special touch to it.  On my sign she created a mommy bird, a daddy bird, four midsize “children” birds,  and a baby bird perched in between the parents.  The four midsize birds represent  my four living children, the baby bird represents our baby Tyler that passed away after being born too prematurely.  Krystal thoughtfully placed the baby bird in between the two adult birds to represent that he will always be our baby.  I love her all the more for being so thoughtful and considerate.
Here’s the sign Krystal made me hanging in my house.
Now here’s where I am going to get a little personal.  I have several items in my bedroom that remind me of Tyler, but to be honest I never had anything in our main living area and that always kind of bothered me.   I LOVE LOVE LOVE that this board can represent my ENTIRE family without screaming, “HEY I lost a baby, why don’t you ask me a ton of personal heart breaking question about it that I don’t want to answer,”  I know that is not how everyone who has lost a child feels, and I don’t feel that way all the time, but honestly it is just so personal that  just not something that I want to share with everyone that walks in my front door.  SO, it means a lot to me that I can have this little token in my home to reminds me and my family of our little baby.
Anyway, Kim and I both loved the concept behind the project so much that we wanted to offer the opportunity for everyone to have their own customized board. So in memory of Tyler here it is (:Bird Board

Each kit comes with six birds and a branch.  You can than choose which birds to use (or not use) and how to arranged them.  You can even save some birds and add them later incase you have an addition to your nest (:
The kit costs $12.95.  If you need additional birds, an extra set costs only $5.50

extra birds final copy


  1. Oh! I just love the "Bloom Where you're Planted sign. Sooo cute, all around. :) And by the way, I love the color scheme of your blog. Very sweet.

  2. I am going to have to get one of these kits! I lost my fourth baby, first son last fall--he was stillborn due to a cord accident. Like you, I don't want to share my sweet babe with everyone, but this sign would be a beautiful keepsake. Love it.

  3. Jani, Thank you for writing and letting me know. I am so glad it can mean something to someone besides just me.

  4. This is sooo darling!!! I absolutely need to put this on my "Must do" list!!

  5. I just adore this - so beautiful!!! I will be re-painting soon, & know where I'll come for my decorating needs!!! Thanks for all the great ideas....