February 11, 2012

You Bring Color to My Life- Free Down load

Found this tutorial on pinterest.  LOVED the idea.  So the kids and I made some for their class mates the other night.  I learned a few helpful tricks along the way and since the little circles shown in the picture were no where to be found I made my own free down load.


First to find the mold I had to search every store I could think of. I Finally found them at IKEA.
Second taking off all those crayon wrappers was tedious and even a little painful. HOWEVER it was well worth the process. My kids LOVED helping.

Because the thought of handing my children a large butcher knife to chop crayons seemed a bit frightening we tried a little different technique. We put the unwrapped crayons in plastic baggies and I let the kids smash them with spoons. My boys got really into it. To avoid fighting they each got their own bags. just don’t smash them to small or they don’t turn out as pretty.

When cooking the little hearts DO NOT over cook, for my oven it actually worked better to cook them for 12 min. Also do not wait until the hearts have completely cooled to take them out of the mold. They crack and break, but if they are still just slightly melted they pop out much easier.

Last of all since the little circles shown in the picture were no were to be found I made my own. I made them a bit bigger and changed the phrase so my kids would have room to write their names.

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