February 16, 2012

FREE Baptism Print

I posted these awhile back to use as frames for a child’s baptism day.  I have had several emails asking for the print with out the frame.  So many fun things you could do with just  the print.  Please if you use it for something cute and creative send me a pic. at the orders@poppyseedprojects.com email address.

Here’s what the originals looked like.
Baptism Subway Art w Carson

Baptism Subway Art - Girl copy

Baptism Subway Art copy


and here’s the prints with out the frames and the links to the free downloads.

Baptism Subway Art - Girl No Frame copy


Baptism Subway Art - No Frame copy



  1. Thanks for sharing these! They make perfect covers for the little binders I give the 8 year olds in my primary! I am so excited to have found your blog and shop- you have so much fun stuff!

  2. I tried to download the boy subway art, no frame and the download site wanted to download additional software to my computer as a part of their terms and conditions. would you be willing to email me the file? juliannaatc @ hotmail.com