February 7, 2012

Ellie Girl’s Room

We had to play musical rooms to get everyone situated in the right place so the baby could take over the nursery.  We still have a long ways to go, but here’s the beginning stages of Ellie’s room.
Since she’s our only girl and won’t have to share a room we bought Ellie a full bed.  Ryan than added the wanes coating wall behind the bed and we painted the room pink (of course).  I am actually still not sure how I feel about the pink.  LOVE the shade, but it is A LOT of pink.


I still need to add more pillows.
and refinish the dresser in a nice turquoise.  (If Kim and I ever get bored we just might start a furniture refinishing business.)

The whole room is based on this amazing print that I bought at Oh Sweet Sadie over a year ago.

Found the  perfect place for her baby pictures.  When I hung them Ellie said to me, “That baby is naked, Mommy she’s freezing. . . poo baby.”

Yet again tons of projects left, but here at least is my vinyl project for her room.  This design will go on the wall behind her bed on the space between the wanes coating and the ceiling, in white vinyl.  I’m calling it Girly Quatrefoil.  Already listed it on the website.

Girly Quatrefoil copy
I’ll post updated pics once the vinyl goes up, we get the dresser refinished and the curtains are hung.

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