August 4, 2011

A Sneak Peak . . .

Besides what you can see in the commercial there are a couple of other fun new things at the store.
{please excuse the quality of my pictures, I totally forgot that I had the wide angle lens on the camera when I went to the store, and of course I didn’t take any other lenses with me}.
Here’s few of the fun new things we will be offering-
Children’s furniture
In this picture you can see the grocery store (blue and grey on the right) table and chairs, kids bench and kids book shelf.
Here is a closer look at the book shelves.

THE ALAPHABET TREE!  This tree is so big and covered from so many angles by other walls that it was impossible to get the entire tree in the picture.  Overall it measures 8ft. tall and 9.5 feet wide.
In addition to the tree we will also be offering tons of other fun home d├ęcor. vinyl.  As well as customized vinyl.
Have I mentioned that the store IS open.  We did a “soft opening” on Tues.  Our store hours are Tues-Fri. 12:00-6:00 and Sat.10:00-4:00.  We are still waiting on the cash register to be set up so for the time being we can only accept cash or checks.  By Sept. all the kinks will be worked out and we will have our GRAND OPENING!

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