July 28, 2011

New Family Picture Vinyl Options

ok so I have been working on some new vinyl options for the Family Pictures.  I designed TONS of new stuff. . .here’s what made the cut.
Personalized copy
Seen above are two new options.
1. New Personalized Last NAME and Est. Date
2. New Personalized Initial
{{Also featuring a younger version of me, look no wrinkles}}

Personalized - 2 copy
Two more new options
1. Personalized Last Name
2. Than there is a totally new concept, a new saying that simply runs across the top of the picture.  If people like it, we will add 1-2 more cute sayings.

New Scrolls copy
Just one new option on this one, NEW SCROLLS!!  Still working on 1 or 2 more new scrolls.  Because I LOVE options!!  Really who doesn’t. (:

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