July 29, 2011

Freebie Fridays

You are probably wondering what happened to all of the fun freebies.  Well to be honest we burned ourselves out!!  It seemed like between Kim and I we had enough stuff sitting on our computers to last weeks!  But oh my goodness how we burned through them.  Sooo instead of designing crap just to have something to post on Friday we thought we would scale back. 
We will be posting a freebie the second and fourth Friday of each month, Kim will take the second and I will take the fourth. This will gives us the time to make sure that the stuff we do post is still awsome and DANG cute!
So for this Friday something extra fun and special.  A customizable birthday card. 
Ellie's B-Day Card

For the next mon. (until Aug. 26th) I will customize this invitation for FREE for anyone who would like it.  All I need is a cute picture of your baby (that should be easy enough) the date and time and if you would like the babies name.  I can take off the in lieu part at the bottom. (It reads in lieu of gifts bring yourself)  The customized invite will be sent to you as a 5x7 jpeg that you can print at any photography store (ie walmart costco) and as a pdf file that you can print on the computer.
Wait though here’s what YOU have to do. 
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3. Rave about us to your friends and family, by sharing the blog with anyone and everyone that you think might be interested. 

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