June 8, 2011

Father’s Day Picture Blocks

This turned out to be a really fun project.  What I loved the most about it was that all three of my kids (ages 2-8) LOVED it.  Kept them entertained for at least a good twenty min.  Which during summer break is PRICELESS!

Here’s what we did. 
I have found from previous experience that there are some things that are not fun to do with kids.  So I did the prep work BY MYSELF.

I took three of our small cubed picture blocks and painted and stained them.


Then I cut a bunch of squares (12 to be exact) from white card stalk and chalked them with scrapbooking chalk

Than using our print mounting glue I glued the white squares on the front and side of the block. . .


. . .and a cute picture (the cute part IS necessary) on the front.


Than I let the kids go crazy coloring the blocks.
For you FB fans, here they are from left to right, Super Demanding, Whiner, and Disobedient. {{aka Ellie girl, Carson Larson and Mr. B. . .aka Ellie, Carson and Brayden}}


Just an FYI I don’t normally paint pictures of snakes on my children’s faces, he had just returned from a party and it was crucial to his social status that the snake stayed. 
On with the tutorial!!

When they were done. . .


I used our texturizing cream to seal and protect their art work.  It also gives the pictures a canvas look which I LOVE!!


And here’s the end result.


How awsome is that. . . cute kids, fun memories!


  1. Love them, I am so doing this!

  2. this is so awesome. I am so going to do this with my scout for fathers day. thank you for sharing