May 18, 2011

Poppy Seed Store Update

When Kim and I decided to open a retail store in the space in front of our warehouse we knew we were getting in a little over our heads, what we didn’t know was how fun it would be to remodel the space and come up with some fun new projects.
A couple of weeks into the project we decided that rather than stressing ourselves out and neglecting our children we would take it slow and perfect everything along the way.
Here is a photo update of our progress
The front door
Front end of the store
A very exciting view of the shelving! But, really check out the cute arched window, some day that will be the check out counter, and through the window you can see into the craft room.

Door to the craft room.
This is the kids area with one of the sets of unfinished table and chairs we plan to offer.
The store is located just south of Tuscan Garden Works off of the 90th South exit.  (close to Taipan)  Right now we are on schedule to have a soft opening mid-end of July and than a grand opening mid Sept. 

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  1. Holly and Kim ~ Congratulations on all your success with this business! You guys are amazing and I am so excited for you!!

    ~ Jen Jarvis