May 30, 2011

Last of the Teacher Appreciation Freebies

Sorry these are a little late.  Saturday ended up being a sick day at our house {{The Hubby works on Sat. so a sick day for me means lying in bed watching cartoons with three kids crawling all over 
me. . .super relaxing. . .super rejuvenating}}.
For those of you who like options. . .lucky you!  My oldest son has THREE different teachers to say thank you to this year. . .so here is the print I created for them in THREE different colors.  My plan it to find three cheap frames, paint them some funky colors and stick these prints in them, easy enough {{and that’s what we procrastinators need, EASY}} 
I’ll post pictures when I have them done.
The pictures below were created as 5x7’s

Teacher Appreciation Printable - Grey copy

Teacher Appreciation Printable - Blue

Teacher Appreciation Printable - Red copy

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