May 9, 2011

A Big Craft Off

Okay so I have to admit I did not come up with this fun idea on my own.  I’m totally stealing it from  {{Which BTW is one of the coolest online shops ever}}.  They had a little craft off with our good friends The Crafting Chicks {{another AWSOME blog we LOVE}}.  you can check out their craft off here:


So here’s how it works.  We will send the first six ladies to contact me at: a free Home Sweet Home layered plaque {{we just ask that you pay shipping or pick it up at the warehouse in Sandy}}. 



You will than have until the 23rd (2 weeks from now) to make the cutest stinking plaque you can come up with!  We will than post pictures of your project on the blog and open it up for voting.  The winner {{person with the most votes}} will receive a gift basket full of $50.00 worth of fun stuff from Poppy Seed!!  

Let’s recap. . .FREE PLAQUE, and 1 out of 6 chance of winning $50.00 worth of FREE STUFF!!

Soooo. . . if you would like to participate email me for more details ASAP!  I’ll take the first six ladies to email.  Please put CRAFT OFF in the subject line.


  1. I hope I emailed soon enough!

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  3. I have my six ladies! Thank you!! I will send an email out tomorrow letting the first six ladies that responded know all the details.

  4. Where is your store located?