April 27, 2011

Remember Raffia–TAKE TWO

I enjoyed this contest so much that we are going to continue the fun.  To be fair to the girls that already entered we will award a gift card tomorrow morning.  BUT THAN to bring more laughs, giggles and trips down memory lane we are going to keep the competition open and have a vote off. 

Here’s how it will work.  Below are the entries from the ladies that have already posted.  You can either vote on one of them OR submit your own entry.  Basically we are looking for the most ridiculous, silly, tacky, wayward craft you have made.  All who enter will want to send their friends, family, coworkers, neighbors and any one else you can think of to www.poppyseedprojects.blogspot.com to vote for your entry.

THE GRAND PRIZE – Winner’s choice of a Temple/Family Portrait OR one of our new clocks!

Heather W. -

I use to have those wreath like things with the raffia bow and dried flowers... AKA dust collector ;)

The Allen Family -

Haha. Love the pictures. I wish I had kept one of mine I got rid of to share. :)
I made a fabric stocking (that doesn't really open) with painted, wooden decorations attached to it.

Kelli -

So I stitched "Families are Forever" and put it in a double frame but I couldn't find a recent family photo in time to give it to my mom for Mother's Day so I drew a picture of our family. This was back in high school, mind you, 15 or so year ago, and my mom still has that picture up! She refuses to change it to a photo. I'll try to get a picture of it to share with you!


The Archuleta’s -

My grandma was big into crafting when I was growing up. In jr high and High School she had me decorate bars of soap with ribbon, scrapbook paper, jewels, paint ect. She would display them in her bathroom in a basket. They were sooo ugly! I wish I had a picture of them.

Tori -

Raffia memories: Oh my favorite raffia memory to laugh about, was a wooden doll. I am sure she was at least 3 ft tall with raffia hair which touched the floor. I would actually curl her hair with a curling iron to keep her looking gorgeous. Ha Ha. What a doll, pretty funny some of the things we thought were cute.

Nate and Danette -

The cheesiest craft I made was a house out of popsicle sticks it was way ugly went straight to trash.

Mariah -

I took a big piece of white fabric and stuck it through a hoop, then painted a face on it to make a ghost. :)
I cut gingerbread men out of brown paper bags and attached to a long strand of raffia and torn fabric pieces.

Leslie Gleeves -

Here are some pictures for the blog contest. It is a bunny with a wooden head, hands and feet that are painted and then glued into a totally eighties inspired peach flower dress complete with lace, (the bunny is not stuffed at all so it is just the head, hands and feet glued to material :) There is also a candle holder complete with a peach color candle, adorned with, again, eighties inspired lace and bow (the lace coincidently matches the lace on the bunny).

wooden bunny and lace candle



  1. I vote for Kelli! That is awesome!

  2. Hi Holly, I vote for Kelli, she was my roommate in college, small world.

  3. I vote for Kelli. I love that homemade family drawing.

  4. I vote for Kelli! Nothings cheesier than not planning ahead of time, and then drawing a family portrait with crayons!! :)

  5. my vote is for Kelli! That family drawing is so cute & I love the story behind it!

  6. Haha. Kelli's is awesome! :)
    Can I vote for my own? ;) Cause I do.

  7. I vote for Leslie Gleaves. She is great.

  8. Leslie! That bunny is entirely 80s!

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  10. The Finaus vote for Leslie Gleaves

  11. I vote for Leslie!!! Hope its not too late my internet was down!

  12. What Mom doesn't love a hand-drawn family picture. Those things are priceless! I vote for Kelli.

  13. I Vote for Kelli! Good luck girl! Pretty sure it is going to say that this is Pierce college dental hygiene that posted this cause of some weird thing, but this is Steve Page :)

  14. I vote for Kelli. Knowing her mom, it is more important to have the drawn picture from the heart.

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