January 21, 2014

MONDAY MADNESS – Texturizing Cream 40% off

Well if you have been dying to play around with our Texturizing Cream and just haven’t yet for one reason or another NOW you have the perfect excuse!  OR maybe you just want to stock up…well do it.
Texturizing Cream is just about one of the funnest (spell check says that isn’t a word, but I disagree) crafting mediums ever…and I mean ever, ever.

Texturizing Cream - Give your pictures the look of Canvas.

We originally started playing around with Texturizing Cream when we were developing our Temple Portraits.  After several trial and errors we finally came up with THE perfect concoction.  I am proud to say that WE ARE THE ORIGINAL SELLERS of Texturizing Cream.  We have since been copied by SEVERAL companies (both big and small) but that is just a testimony to how truly awsome this stuff is.


After getting the Temple Projects off the ground we started playing around with some other projects and came up with one of our oldest and STILL one of my favorite projects, the PICTURE PLAQUES.  This project was actually the first official Poppy Seed Project craft to go up in my house…this very one with this picture of my daughter who is now five.  Now we use Texturizing Cream on ALL of our photo projects.  Applying it to the top of a picture takes a simple print from Walmart and turns into an expensive looking canvas! LOOOVE IT! (Becasue I LOVE pictures, that and ribbon, scrapbook paper and vanilla coke).
{this one is the original Picture Plaque}
Scallop Frame 2 {This is the Eleanor Picture Plaque that we added after the Bracket frames became so hot)
Than a couple of summers ago I started playing around in my garage…kind of like how a scientist plays in their lab.  WHAT IF you could use Texturizing Cream as a medium to create and antiqued or aged look on wood??  Again it took me a couple of times, but when I finally came up with the process we use to make our Antiqued Subway Art Plaques I was so excited I had to run and show my neighbors (who are sweet enough to indulge me in my erratic excitement).

Hello Sunshine_shelf

Since than we have used Texturizing Cream on just about every project we make, like this Bloom Where You Are Planted Sign…
.Bloom Where you are Planted and well pretty much anything else you can paint, like our frames….(just a thought)Paisley Frame
Than finally I got daring enough to try it on some furniture and used the same technique I used on my plaques to refinish my bar stools. 

DSC_2152 I LOVE how the turned out, and I know everyone says that, but I really do love them.  Plus as an added bonus it was one of the easiest ways to refinish furniture I have ever tried, and I have tried A LOT of different ways.

With each purchase we include step by step instructions for both methods.  Plus we have SEVERAL tutorials already posted on our blog!!

Well if you aren’t excited now to try out Texturizing Cream than I am going to seriously question your desire to be a true crafter. 

{THE RULES…there’s just a tiny little bit to keep things fair}.
To receive your 40% off simply come into the store OR use the coupon code TEXTURIZINGCREAM.  Remember AS ALWAYS ONLY ONE PER PERSON.  Plus there are only 10 codes available online and 10 discounted items (or in this case jars) in the store.  Available on a first come, first serve basis.  Oh and if you purchase your Texturizing Cream online and select store pick up, please plan on picking up your Monday Madness items in person.

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