June 7, 2013

DIY Shaped Portait Frames Ideas and Tutorials – PART II


First sorry to ya all that the schedule for this weeks blog post has been is a little off. . . I mean seriously no Monday Madness what so ever. . . .what the heck is that all about?  I apologize, summer just might be like that.  Having all the kids home makes things a little hectic and besides I don’t want their memories of summer 2013 to be of their mom sitting in front of the computer 24/7…seriously they are getting old enough that I have to start thinking about these things  (; 

Lucky for you I have anticipated this chaos (at least to some degree) and am slightly prepared.  I do have several post ready to show off to the world that you will hopefully enjoy.  Like this one, Part II in the Frame Painting Ideas and Tutorials series.  Part I was posted last Friday. 


This is one of my favorite ways to paint just about anything, (not just frames) it just produces such a unique look. 

To create this look you:

1. Apply a  layer of Texturizing Cream to the board.  To do this you cut a terry cloth rag into fours.  Than grab the quarter piece by the middle so that the end lay down flat creating a point.  I know that was super confusing, but here is a picture.


Dip the point into the Texturizing Cream and than spread a fairly thick layer in the desired pattern.  I typically do a streaked patter, but I have also done a thatched pattern and a circular pattern.  Whatever pattern you create with the cream will be the pattern that the first layer of paint appears as. 


(You may notice the project in the picture is not a frame, it is the Eleanor Plaque, but the picture does the job…and it’s the only one I have!)
To learn more about applying Texturizing Cream please visit our Texturizing Cream tutorials page.  There are tons of pictures and even a really cheesy video (:

2. Once the Texturizing Cream is dry apply a layer of paint.  This is the bottom layer that will only show up a little. 

3. Once the first layer of paint is dry paint your second layer of paint. This is the main color of your frame, the color you will see the most.

4. (This is the fun step) Once the top layer of paint is dry using a high grain sand paper (something around 180-200) start gently sanding off some of the top layer.  Go slow and remember to wipe off the paint dust with a slightly damp wash cloth as you go.  The paint dust can make it difficult to get a good feel for how much you have really sanded.  Keep in mind as you go that you can always sand more, but it is difficult to put the paint dust back on  (: 
Yes “paint dust” it totally a technical crafting name I cam up with all by myself.

5.  Some optional steps.  Sometimes I do add a little stain after I sand.  Although I didn’t add any to the frames in this gallery.
Obviously to create the Texturized look you will need to make sure you have some of our Texturizing Cream on hand.

For more more tips and tricks on painting crafts please read we have a fun Crafting 101 video for you as well as a written tutorial with lots of great pictures.

With so many shapes and patterns I like to add some plain old squares in the mix.  I feel like it balances things out.  BUT that doesn’t mean these plain square frames can’t have some personality.  Texturizing the frame is a great way to keep it simple, but also add a punch of personality.  So you will notice that most of the frames I texturized were the simple Brayden Frame…

Blue Rectangle Frame

….so named because the baby shown in the picture above is Brayden.  This picture just happened to trend like crazy on pinterest a couple of months back, (the real Brayden saw it and thought he was famous).

Any way on with the post….

I used this look for the large square Brayden Frame.

{Bottom layer black, top layer white}

The Paisley Frame {A favorite of mine}.
  Stepping It Up Frame Gallery 2 copy
{Bottom layer black, top layer white}

The Brooklyn Trim Piece.  The only independent trim piece in this collection.

{Bottom layer white, top layer yellow}

And last but not least the 5x7 Brayden Frame, this time with a picture of Baby Preston in it.

{Bottom white, top yellow}

Just as a warning we may skip next Fridays tutorial to go share some fun Father’s Day ideas.

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