May 22, 2013

Monday Madness – Families Are Forever Vinyl

Ummm yep I am a day late on Monday Madness.  I wish I had some really good excuse, like my son was in a terrible four wheeling accident and was badly hurt (that was two weeks ago), or that my baby scratched his cornea and his eye was red and swollen shut (that was last week).  But to be honest… I am just lame.  Last night I stuck my nose in a book thinking I’ll just read the first chapter and get a feel for the book than I’ll get to work…weeeelllllll I didn’t stop reading until about 3:00 am *yawn*.  It felt so good to get completely absorbed in a story.  It’s been so  long since I have done that.  Between the four kids, a husband, the dog, church callings, running my own business…well you get the picture….there’s not a lot of down time in my life.  I am sure you can relate (:  I have been trying to play catch up ever since!!
Anyway on with the deal.

This weeks deal, is a seriously good coupon for one of our most popular vinyl pieces.  Families Are Forever.

FAF Family Portrait Vinyl
especially on our DIY Temple Pictures


But it also looks darling on a wall as a piece of Home Accent Vinyl Decal placed directly on your wall.


The Families Are Forever vinyl come in four different sizes.

Large – 15.25” x 27.25” {Regularly priced at $24.95. Sale price - $9.98}

Medium – 10”x18”  {Regularly price at $12.50.  Sale price - $5.00} **Shown in picture above**

Small – 4.24”x9” {Regularly priced at $7.95. Sale price - $3.18} **Shown in the middle picture, on the art work of the Salt Lake Temple**

Use coupon code FAFVINYL to receive the 60% off.

ONE PER PERSON PLEASE.  Just to clarify that does not mean one size per person, it means please choose ONE SIZE per person.  Available in store and online.  Limited quantities available.


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  1. Hi, I tried to buy this online last week and typed in the coupon code but it wouldn't take the discount off. Do you know why it didn't work?