March 6, 2013

Princess Birthday Party Freebies and Templates

As promised here are the freebies and templates from Ellie’s Princess Birthday Party.

Below each picture is a link to down load the freebies. The downloads of course won’t be personalized and won’t have the Poppy Seed logo on them. The only thing that I ask is that you please, be courteous of both my time and ideas and only use freebies for your own personal use. 

First the invites.  Once MPIX delivered these little babies all I did was add the little Crystal to the wheels.  It was simple enough that Ellie could help, which she loved of course.

Here’s the actual pick of the invite.  You’ve seen the front side….

Ellie's $th B-day Invitefor blog

…but I have yet to show off the back side.  Have I ever mentioned how much I love polka dots?

Ellie's $th B-day Invite - Backside for the blog

{I almost forgot to blur out my phone number…that would have been bad, real bad.  Trust me psychos would have called me, it has happened before.}
Second the cupcake toppers.

Hopefully you will be a better planner than I and your husband won’t have to cut these out.  Men just don’t understand how cute the bracket shape is.  It IS worth the extra time spent cutting!

Third the name tags.  I used these on the gift bags, but I had planned to use them as place markers for the lunch table, but that goes back to the time management issue…
If you aren’t a Photoshop whiz you could just print these babies off and write the name of the little princesses. 

For more fun printables view our collection of freebies.  We have tons of great visiting teaching ideas, and Relief Society handoutsBaptism Subway Art even printables for cub scouts.

Check back for the princess banner freebie and tutorial.  Oh, and the princess hats.  Those were so fun!


  1. So cute, Holly. You may want to update the top picture. It still has your phone number.

  2. I'm sure you've noticed by now, or someone has pointed it out, but Princess is spelled wrong! It's all so cute though!

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