March 11, 2013

Monday Morning Madness – Decorating and Clothes Ideas for Easter

Tell me I am not the only one thrown off by this whole Easter in March thing?  I mean seriously, there is something just wrong about celebrating St. Partickss Day and Easter two weeks apart.  Didn’t anyone ever tell the holiday schedulers that Mom’s can only handle one holiday per month…there’s not such thing as a “minor” holiday when you have kids.

Well at least I have the kids Easter clothes figured.  I love dressing my kids…it’s almost like playing with barbies, which I loved as a little girl. 

I went SUPER matchie this year. Not something I normally do, but I figured Carson {my oldest who will soon be ten} probably isn’t going to be down with the coordinating outfit thing much longer.  Plus I loved this collection from Crazy 8.  They always have the best boy clothes.


Check out how cute this little hat is!  Too bad he hates it.


I still need to find some accessories for Ellie.  I am thinking lace tights.  Love these that I found on Etsy.


And a bubblegum necklace from Etsy.


Next focus.  Decorating!  I have to honest, I have not always decorated for Easter, but Poppy Seed carries so many cute items now {most of them designed by Kim} that it gives me a good excuse.  Plus the kids absolutely LOVE IT.

Here are a few of my fave-O-rites.

Happy Easter Sign

Bead Board Bunny Block


…with also have matching Bunnies Beware Subway Art Plaque.

I LOVE this Temple Plaque.  The saying is perfect for Easter and the tulips scream Spring.  But mostly I love the scripture.  Perfect for Easter.


Last but not least this Easter Subway Art Bead Board Plaque.  THAT BRINGS US TO THIS WEEKS DEAL.  THIS DARLING PLAQUE IS YOURS TO PURCHASE for 40% off!  Available in store and online,  Use coupon code BUNNYSUBWAYARTPLAQUE.  Limit five per person.  LIMITED SUPPLIES AVAILABLE. 


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  1. I love the coordinating, I try to coordinate our family, but it hasn't been working when I can't find a dress that matches everyone else! Next year, maybe I will find my dress and then everyone else's... :) Have fun and enjoy!