September 12, 2012

Emails Gallore!

Did you know that there are FOUR different emails for Poppy Seed Projects??  Yep four. 

1.) Email number one is Kim is at the  She answers all of your questions about becoming a new teacher, as well as helping all of our teachers with training, booking classes ect.

2.) I (Holly Marie) am at the This email gets all of the customer service questions that are not asked in the feedback forms.  Plus I get  the hard to answer, sticky situation customer service emails, as well as PR questions and customized orders amongst a few of the random and many emails I answer. 

3.)  Crystal, who manages our warehouse and takes care of all of your orders  answers emails at, she also answers all of the feedback forms.

4.) Tori answers emails at the email address, helping to schedule classes and find everyone an amazing teacher. 

Now here is the REALLY CRAZY part.  ALL FOUR of us answer about 100 emails A DAY!!! So if our emails seem a little short , cranky, goofy, a little lacking in the grammar department, gets missed OR take us a day or two to answer. . . please know we are doing our best and we appreciate your patients!!

Ever wonder what happens when you fill out a feedback form?  The email is sent to our website where Crystal goes in and answers most of the questions.  The rest she assigns to either, Crystal, Tori or I and it is sent to our inbox.

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