September 17, 2012

Picture Love - By As Jule Is Going

Do you have trouble finding your "style" when it comes to decoration your home? I do. I thought I needed one of those titles that you find in fancy magazines selling styles like "Sleek and modern" or "Country Cottage". I would find a piece I thought was cute and thought therefor that was my "style" and had to create everything around that one thing. Finally, I gave up on that. I looked around and got rid of the random things I didn't really like.   I just thought were's my style! THEN I discovered I was a photo fanatic! Are you a photo fanatic? I am. Tried and true! I'm so glad my husband is a relational guy who also love pictures or my walls would be bare.

Framed pictures became my thing. It's the perfect way to make your home decor exactly your style. If you're obsessed with taking pictures of you kids like I am then finding photos to fill your walls will not be an issue.  Even if you think your not, its simple to snap a few shots of your kids every few months, or even once a year and switch them out of the same cutesy frames. I've learned getting the right frames is a much better investment than the photo prints themselves. I mean, they don't even look like my kids after a few short months.

{This is a Poppy Seed Projects beauty right here too!}

My newest favorite frame is this giant 11x14 adorableness over my mantel! When painting this frames I had "year-round" in mind. I want this frame to hold our family photo of that season from the year before. {Don't judge ;O) I haven't printed this photo in the right size yet} This frame is the Carson with the Eleanor Trim Piece!

I LOVE IT! I have a tutorial on my blog, as Jules is going, if you want a step-by-step of this particular frame as well as a post on The Homemaker's Challenge about using this frame for a FALL Mantel.

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