June 22, 2012


I don't know about the rest of you, but by the time school has been out for a few weeks my kids start to get BORED if I don't have things planned for them to do.  Trying to avoid that this year, I came up with a plan.  I decided to assign a specific activity to each day of the week.  My cute friend (and super fun mom) Hillary did this last year with her kids and let me borrow her names for each day of the week.  

Here is our summer schedule, day by day:

Make a craft project during the day and let the kids help with dinner that night.  So far we have done Father's day cards, bottle cap magnets, and homemade icecream in a bag.  They loved each one, but they REALLY loved helping with dinner.  That one surprised me!

Plan a trip somewhere fun.  Some of our trips will be bigger ones (like to the zoo), and some are just a walk over to the neighborhood park.  Just an outing of some kind every single Tuesday.

(crappy picture taken at night)
WATER WEDNESDAY:  Sprinklers, slip n' slide, water park, swimming pool, water balloons...you get the idea.

THINKING THURSDAY: This can be anything school related.  So far, I'm trying to do science experiments of some kind.  My kids just about had a heart attack over their volcanoes!   We watched a video about them on YouTube and then did the old school vinegar/baking soda/food coloring thing. There are lots of fun ideas that you can find on Pinterest, too.

FRIENDLY FRIDAY:  This one isn't anything fancy - it just means that we will have friends over for sure that day.  Sometimes we line it up in advance with friends we don't live close to, and sometimes they just knock on doors until they find a neighborhood friend for the day :).

We don't stick with it 100%, and sometimes the activity only takes a few minutes.  But my kids LOVE it - it helps give them something to look forward to and work towards each day (chores done/dressed/reading before we do anything fun on the list).  I love it, too, because even when we have a busy week, it helps me make sure I am planning something into these summer days.  It seems like summer flies by sometimes, and I don't know what we did half of the time.  This way, even when things are busy, we are for sure doing something awesome for a part of almost every day!


  1. This saved my life this summer! Thanks!

  2. Any chance you have the original document so I can change the names of the days?

  3. I love this! But the site that the link takes me to won't let me down load it. Is there another way to do it?