January 24, 2012

Personalized Damask Vinyl

My sister in law asked me to design a personalized damask vinyl for her babies nursery.  I would love to get some feed back.  Vote on your favorite by leaving a comment.  All votees will be entered in a drawing to win one of the four decals of their choosing.  Decals can be personalized with baby name or last name. 
And of course there is more than one way to enter.  Send a link to this post to a friend to be entered a second time.  Join FB or become a follower (only for those who are not already fans and followers) for another entry, or leave a comment on our FB page if you are already a fan.  Finally post on YOUR FB page or blog for one more chance.  Don’t forget to leave a separate comment letting us know each way you entered (if you do a post on FB or your blog please leave add the link to your comment).

Decal #1
Personalized Damask -- 2 copy

Decal #2
Personalized Damask - 1 copy
Decal #3
Personalized Damask Frame copy
Decal #4
Personalized Damask -3 copy


  1. I'd have a hard time choosing between #1 & #4... but if I could only choose one I'd go for... ummmm... #4

  2. They're all cute but I think #1!

  3. I also like #1 & #4 - 1 would look great with a family name and wedding date and I think 4 would be better in the nursery. So my vote is for 4

  4. I like #3, but #2 is real pretty too. They all are. You are talented.