January 29, 2012

Baby Boys Room

So these images aren’t the best because they were taken at the wrong time of day, but I was too anxious to wait.  There’s also still a TON of work to do. 
Like the rocking chair needs to be recovered (I’m thinking a dark chocolate, maybe with polka dots?!!!).  Curtains need to be hung (my wonderful MIL is sewing them for me.)

The drawer under the crib needs to be fixed, the bed skirt sewn. . .
. . .and I need to sew the panels for the changing table.  BUT the bead board is done AND the room is painted and that was a HUGE and very time consuming project.
The real reason for this post is to share the rough drafts for the vinyl that I designed to make Antiqued Plaques to go over the babies crib. 

Giraffe with Giraffe Patter copy copy
Elephant with Polka Dots copy
Lion with Giraffe Patttern copy
Thank goodness my design skills are better than my photography skills.  When I get them made I will take picks and do another post.

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  1. So cute! Love the colors and material you picked. And loved the new vinyl.